Divas Con Estilo @ Sala Sinfonica Centro de Bellas Artes SJ, PR

IMG_4558 IMG_4396IMG_4425 IMG_4610 IMG_4647 IMG_4563 IMG_4650   GModelsLogoBlack IMG_4392 IMG_4636 IMG_4634  IMG_4630 IMG_4626 IMG_4625 IMG_4621 IMG_4616 IMG_4606 IMG_4605 IMG_4602 IMG_4600 IMG_4595

Grand event where the Puerto Rico Philharmonic Orchestra played beautiful hispanic arrangements along with special talented divas.

Atelier Bea Rodriguez dressed for this occasion: (Mezzo Soprano) Patricia Cay, (Saxophonist) Daniela Torres, (Oboist) Frances Colon, (Television Program Hostess) Alfonsina Molinari, and Izacha Ly Otero (G Model- Gretchen Capo Modeling Agency).


Cristina Ortiz


Assistant Designers:

Elizabeth Perez

Oscar Rodriguez

Lohaniel Figueroa

Josnuel Montero Bordoy


Hair and Make Up:

Saline Salon (George Rivera)


Special Thanks to:

Alexander Sierra

Jitzuz Matos

Sarai Lara

Dave’s Make Up


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