In Detail: Insomnio S/S 2015

Insomnio is a collection that is inspired from a book written by Ana Fuster Lavin. This book exposes different stories of love, desire, sex, lies and myths, all intertwined within the characters’ actions. The setting takes place on the streets where it gives off a dark, hazy and mysterious vibe. I played with custom-dyed indigo hues on Italian textured fabrics to represent the blue ink that was used to write the novel. I also brought in exquisite textiles from London to give off a high-end sophisticated look. I distorted the design of more traditional garments to give this collection a gothic twist. This collection represents the insomniac feel that the novel gives, into a more fashion forward perspective.

IMG_5801 IMG_5807 IMG_5812-Recovered IMG_5816 IMG_5826 IMG_5833 IMG_5837IMG_5843 IMG_5849 IMG_5855All looks modeled by Gabriela Sofia from G Models by Gretchen Capo.

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